Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I'm feeling the doldrums of winter and sometimes finding it hard to share a great story every day.  You've probably noticed, if you're reading.  :)  In some ways, I find it important to find something great about my job (almost) every day.  It makes me see the kids in a different way.  On the rough days, it makes me consider the growth I'm making.  These are really good things for me.  I wonder if they are interesting to read, however.  It might be better for me to choose just the best stories to share.  This is where you, gentle readers (all five of you), come in.  Give me some feedback if you are so inclined.  Would you prefer fewer posts of only the best stories or more frequent posts that provide a snapshot of a teaching day, even when it isn't very exciting?  Let me know.

Today's post isn't about students because I am home on a snow day.  For me, snow days as a teacher are just as wonderful as they were when I was a kid. It's funny because it's common for some teachers to complain about snow days: "We're already in school until June 3rd!" I found myself doing that some until my husband pointed out to me that it was just plain silly as most people work all year round.  Now I try just to enjoy them as a pleasant and unexpected break.

I did my homework last night just like I did as a kid so I wouldn't have any school responsibilities today.

I slept in a little (not so much that I won't be able to sleep tonight).

I will enjoy a slow breakfast of steel-cut oats and berries.

I will read: reread Frankenstein for my master's comps and something else from the shelf for fun.

I will write my 750 words (I'm participating in the February challenge).

I will refresh myself so I can be a better teacher tomorrow.


  1. B, I love reading this every day. It one of the three "must visit" sites that I venture to every night when I get home from work. Please keep posting every day, even it is just a snapshot of your day. Also, I think I really want to be a teacher some day, so by reading this hopefully I can convince myself to do it sooner rather than later. :) Keep being your amazing beautiful self!

  2. Thanks, Sis! Hope you're enjoying your snow day.

  3. please keep posting every day. I love the insight into your world, especially since we're so far away and time physically spent with you is so rare. You're a fine and wise young lady, and every student you touch is better for it. Keep up the good work!

  4. Please post every day. Something that you think is just an ok little piece is probably one of the best things we get to see each day.

    One point of confusion. When you say, "I did my homework last night just like I did as a kid...," it sounds like such a stress-free and procrastination-less thing. I don't have a lot of memories like that from your youth!